Why we don’t get permits

This statement is not a commentary in response to any specific group or event

As a collective we do not seek permits from State authority for any meetings or events. We collectively understand that participation with State authority lends that authority credence and legitimacy. We do not believe the State has legitimate authority over the autonomous actions of people. And so we collectively refuse to legitimize or prop up white supremacist, colonialist, patriarchal, ableist, classist power structures wherever possible; refusing to seek permits falls directly in line with that collective ethic. 

Note: This is not a condemnation of other groups we collaborate with who may seek permits. It is a statement of our collectively agreed upon desire to thwart any and all State authority. We invite people and groups to reflect on why they choose to engage with the State and seek permits.

Attack on Starbucks

Attack on Starbucks

This reportback was shared with us anonymously. NAC did not organize this action. This was also posted on https://pugetsoundanarchists.org/attack-on-starbucks-eugene/.

Wednesday, May 15th, Kalapuya land, so-called eugene.

Before dawn, an autonomous group smashed the windows of a local starbucks, leaving only “Free Gaza” and “Land Back” written in paint. This action was taken to bring awareness to the genocide taking place in Gaza and to interrupt business-as-usual. This act of vengeance was carried out on May 15th, Nakba Day, a day recognizing the ongoing genocide and forced displacement of Palestinians.

Starbucks has repeatedly shown its hostility towards Palestinian liberation, and did so most recently when it sued its workers’ union for posting a statement in support of Palestine on social media. The economy of eugene is complicit in the genocide happening in Gaza; the university and multi-national corporations profit off imperialism while making the city unaffordable for the majority of people there. While starbucks isn’t playing a central role in the genocide the israeli miliary is waging, starbucks is symbolic of an amerikkkan psyche and economy that feeds off imperialism. The chain is a tell tale sign of gentrification and a staple of the white middle and upper middle class. We won’t stand aside and let the amerikkkan economy continue unabated when it’s a system founded on and actively fueling colonialism and genocide.

This was done by a group of autonomous antifascists who echo the words of the anti-zionists that shut down the “Friends of the IDF” gala:

We have no name. We are not an organization. We are not an entity. Do not try to find us. We are everywhere and we will not stop.

Palestine will be free.

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Scholz Noise Demo

This reportback was shared with us anonymously. NAC did not organize this action.

Early in the morning on May 15th, a group of about 20 people crept from the shadows in a bourgeois neighborhood adjacent to the University of Oregon, in so-called Eugene. Their target was one particular mansion, the residence of the president of the U of O John Karl Scholz. On this night Scholz would not sleep! Just as Palestinian mothers don’t sleep knowing their children are not safe from the hell that rains down on them on any other “regular” night.
They came armed with buckets and drum sticks, water cooler jugs emblazoned with messages of resistance, whistles, and megaphones. As they approached, the racket started with a drum beat here and a whistle blow there, but soon the whole medley joined in, complete with chants led by megaphones. Some people stood on the steps leading up to the mansion, but others faced their fears and marched right up to the front door. A few people ran around the whole building several times and into the driveway where the president’s luxury vehicles were parked. The noise continued for almost 10 minutes, but the cowardly Scholz never turned on a light, let alone showed his face.
Just as abruptly as it started, the noise ceased. The arrival of two pigs signaled the moment it was time to scatter. Some asked whether they had done enough. That perhaps it was time to go back for round two. Why should the president be allowed to continue his slumber when so many innocent Palestinians continue to be slaughtered on a daily basis?
In the end, it was decided to fight another day. Rather than be angry, Scholz should consider himself lucky that his adversaries only arm themselves with noise makers, and not guns, bombs, and rockets as they do in Gaza.

Have an action report you’d like published anonymously? Share it here: https://neighborhoodanarchists.org/action-report
Share Fair May 19th!

Share Fair May 19th!

The purpose of the Share Fair is to connect people with resources, services, and each other in a convenient and fun way. The fair will be providing free resources and services from local organizations and community groups to unhoused and working class members of the community. There will be food, live music, games, and a chance to know other Eugene organizations and folks in the community – and it’s all free!

When: Sunday, May 19th, 2024
Where: Eugene Park Blocks (8th & Oak)
Time: 12pm-4pm


** Want to help out? Donations, volunteers, and services needed! **

Eugene May Day 2024

Eugene May Day 2024

Join us for the May Day 2024 International Workers’ Day Celebration! There will be music, workshops, food, a May Pole, games, activities for kids, speakers, and more!

Sunday, April 28th noon-5pm @ Eugene Park Blocks (8th and Oak)

Full schedule and more details: eugenemayday.org

A15 action reportback

A15 action reportback

This reportback was shared with us from the A15 action in Eugene in solidarity with economic blockades around the world to stop the genocide in Gaza. NAC did not organize this action.

On the morning of Monday, April 15th, community members in Eugene, Oregon blockaded Interstate 5 in solidarity with an international call to action to shut down economic trade for Palestine. The goal of this global solidarity effort was to shut down the economy that funds the ongoing occupation and genocide in Palestine.

In response to this expression of their first amendment right, 6 state agencies (EPD, OPD, SPD, Lane County Sheriffs, and the SWAT team included) showed up with over 127 officers equipped in riot gear, with munitions and chemical weapons on display. At various points, pepperball guns were aimed within lethal distance at people’s bodies.

62 arrests were made and the protesters were kept overnight, some for over 30 hours, for this call to end a genocide that has already martyred over 30,000 Palestinians. While all prisoners everywhere are subjected to dehumanizing treatment, we highlight that several trans and gender non-conforming folks were kept in solitary confinement without being presented options, and at least two arrestees were denied access to medications that were on their person with prescription notes at the time of the arrest.

The escalation and severity of this response by the police towards a group of protesters is indicative of a trajectory that should alarm all of us. Every protester that was arrested has been charged with disorderly conduct in the second degree, further underscoring the desperation of the State to maintain control.

While outrageous that 62 citizens that chose to rebel against this country’s complicity with genocide were punished with jail and collective charges, this doesn’t compare to what each and every Palestinian is subjected to every day. Our 24-32 hours in jail pales next to what political prisoners all around the prison world experience. For those of us for whom this was the first experience in a cage, we re-affirm our commitment to the struggle for freedom for Palestinian prisoners and prisoners everywhere, against the police and prisons, against the occupation, against American imperialism, against capitalism —  for a better world, the slight chance for which we will not fail to seize.⁩

Over 9,500 Palestinians have been imprisoned since October 7th, including 275 women, 520 children, 66 journalists, and 5,168 orders of administrative detention without charges or trial, and at least 16 Palestinian prisoners tortured to death.

The people of Eugene unite with the people of the world in this clear demand: We want Palestine to live, and we want Palestine to be free

Action Report: ReMax Protest

Action Report: ReMax Protest

This is an action report sent to NAC anonymously. NAC did not organize this action.

On Monday, February 26th, a small group of activists in Eugene, OR took to the streets and marched to the offices of ReMax.

ReMax is a real estate company that directly participates in and profits off of the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel and the United States.

ReMax is the biggest real estate company in occupied Palestine, selling homes that are built on the stolen land of Palestinian families, and is a mechanism of settlement and displacement.


ReMax is an enemy of the people, which is why community members gave them a visit to shut down their work for the day.

The Eugene Police Department (EPD) and ReMax must have felt threatened enough by even a mere call to action that they locked the doors of the office building, which seemed mostly empty anyways. On the one hand, activists didn’t get to go into the ReMax office and disrupt work.

On the other hand, they did close their office, and customers and delivery drivers had a hard time accessing the building. In front of the office building, activists listened to music, led chants and read poetry. The group then left to drop a “Fuck ReMax” banner over the highway.

As the group jubilantly marched back in the streets, they were followed b a disembodied voice from the police speakers, attempting to intimidate them with one final threat: “picking flowers is a crime.” Everyone was able to disperse safely with no arrests. Fuck the police.

EPD was on the scene the whole time, performing their duties of protecting private property and attempting to intimidate the group. EPD is an enemy of the people. They only exist to protect private property and the rich, like ReMax and its assets. The police are the occupying force in Eugene, surveilling our neighborhoods, harassing and arresting our homeless neighbors and brutalizing protestors and activists in the streets.

In the same breath that we condemn the Israeli Occupation Forces, we condemn EPD, for they both uphold imperialism, they both support the genocide of the Palestinian people, they both use rubber bullets and tear gas against the people, they both commit murder with impunity. We won’t be intimidated by them!


Activists hope that this action will inspire the people here in Eugene. It is possible to target those who perpetuate this genocide. They have addresses and office buildings, and they are not invincible. Eugene residents take inspiration from similar actions that have taken place across the west coast, such as the Block the Boat actions, Amazon warehouse blockades, and other disruptions of the machinations of capital.

Overall, the activists were testing what is possible in this town. Since 2020, local militancy has died down significantly, and the people are faced with having to re-learn how to take action together. We don’t have to listen to the pigs when they tell us not to trespass.

We don’t have to listen to the pigs when they tell us to disperse or stop blocking traffic.

We don’t have to listen to the pigs at all. We can take direct action in as many ways as we can imagine.

We must continue to take action together to stop the genocide of Palestinians by any means necessary!

There is so much more to be done, and we can only do it together! Solidarity with those who took the streets and defied the police!

The masses of the world stand with the Palestinian people and we will not stop until Palestine, and all oppressed nations and their people are free!

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!


Care and Community at the Share Fair

This article was written by UO journalism student Nate Wilson who attended and wrote about the Share Fair for a class project. We think it really captures the spirit of the Share Fair and so we wanted to share it more widely! (With Nate’s permission of course.) 

Eugene, Ore. — Hundreds of Eugene’s unhoused and lower-income residents gathered at the Solidarity Share Fair to restock on essential supplies and recover from the ice storm that froze much of the Willamette Valley last week.

Held at the Unitarian Universalist Church and facilitated by the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective (NAC) since 2017, the Share Fair provides free resources to those in need: everything from blankets and kids toys to tampons and alcohol-fueled lamps. NAC, a local organization devoted to community support, nonviolence and the decentralization of power, believes direct action like the Share Fair is critical to helping marginalized people in Eugene, which, as of 2019, has the highest per capita rate of houselessness in the country.

The Share Fair gave Eric, an unhoused person who sheltered at the nearby Lane Events Center during the ice storm, a necessary respite. “I’m still recovering from it physically,” said Eric. “I’m just so sore. My hip is killing me and I’m limping, but I know I don’t have any broken bones.”

Full of warm enchiladas and with a bag of new socks in tow, Eric planned to heal his aching body with a Thai massage, one of many free services offered by the Share Fair alongside first-aid assistance, bike repair and haircuts.

Volunteer Coordinator for NAC, Yarrow, worried about those who couldn’t make it to one of Eugene’s warming centers when the weather was much worse. “I almost feel like this event is too late,” said Yarrow. “People are only now getting the things they could’ve used a couple of weeks ago.

Tim, the executive director of the Eugene-Springfield Tenant Association, shared a similar concern. According to Tim, the ice storm forced more people into houselessness largely because of fires sparked by electrical malfunctions. Although the tenant association didn’t receive an influx of calls during the ice storm, people who did call faced much more dire circumstances than normal.

Finally free from slippery and cold conditions, however, locals returned to the Share Fair with enthusiasm. Kathy, a first-timer who proudly adorned a University of Oregon (UO) visor, arrived early to capitalize on the dozen tables loaded with donated clothing. Scoring new boots, clippers and two bags of clothes, Kathy quickly filled her seated walker.

As Kathy browsed the clothing tables, several others sat to appreciate the smooth folk music echoing across the church’s central chamber. While listening and enjoying food served by volunteers from UO’s Alpha Phi Omega, people reconnected with familiar faces and talked to new ones. The Share Fair isn’t just about restocking, but also building community.

In order to foster community, NAC prioritizes inclusivity — all are welcome, no questions asked. Comparing the Share Fair to a similar initiative in Florence, Marci and her daughter saw a stark contrast. Marci remarked at the lack of stigma surrounding the unhoused and lower-income people at the Share Fair, and at the consideration organizers demonstrated.

“Everyone here is friendly and relaxed — you just get a really warm vibe,” Marci said. “I would definitely come back.”

Both Eric and Kathy plan to as well.

The next Share Fair will take place in late April. When mainstream pathways of care are inaccessible or break down, as they did during Oregon’s recent ice storm, events like the Share Fair become even more important.

“What we’re doing is actually going to people,” said Yarrow. “We’re building a community through solidarity, especially for people who have been pretty abused by the system.”

New Years Eve Noise Demo

Action report from the New Years Eve Noise Demo on 12/31/23:

They emerged from the shadows of the streets of so called Eugene Oregon one by one or in groups of 2 or 3, on bikes, on foot, or on skateboards. Almost everyone donned masks and hoods, with all matter of noise makers in hand. It was 8:15pm and the spirit in the air was jovial despite the fact that 2023 was marked by much hardship locally and across the globe. By that time there were approximately 25 people. Someone brought out a portable speaker to get a beat going, but soon no music could be heard from it as the noise of the people drowned it out. Soon after we began to see the silhouettes of our intended audience emerge in the translucent windows above. Some came to see the commotion right away and some after 10 or 20 minutes of the din of clanging pots. The lights in other windows flickered with the sound of the beat. Sometimes the light of a tablet danced through the windows, or the shape of a heart was made by the hands of the people inside. All of this in turn made our noise making even louder. People beat the sidewalk with cookie sheets, or threw firecrackers into the road behind us. Some had referee whistles, other people had air horns, or good old pots beat with ladles. Even a nearby truck joined in the noise making when its car alarm went off. The jail staff had left the gate open in the fence they constructed during 2020. Inside was the courtyard and soon a few brave souls wandered into the courtyard and stood on park benches to get the noise just a little closer to our comrades imprisoned inside. But as soon as the courtyard was clear the gates swung shut remotely which riled us up even more. We transitioned from beating our pots to beating the wrought iron fence with our pots. Walking back and forth in order to make a chatter similar to a playing card in a child’s bicycle spokes but 10 times louder. Some pressed the intercom button to get a bored guard’s response only to blow a whistle right into the mic. The noise went on for at least an hour and a half. And when our ears were ringing and our wooden spoons had been reduced to a short wooden nub the noise ended as quickly as it had begun and the crowd dispersed with no contact with pigs. We went away pleased that we were able to bring some warmth to our friends inside for at least a little while. We hope for freedom for all prisoners in 2024!

Share Fair January 27th!

Share Fair January 27th!

The purpose of the Share Fair is to connect people with resources, services, and each other in a convenient and fun way. The fair will be providing free resources and services from local organizations and community groups to unhoused and working class members of the community. There will be food, live music, games, and a chance to know other Eugene organizations and folks in the community – and it’s all free!

When: Saturday, January 27th, 2024
Where: Unitarian Universalist Church (1685 W 13th Ave, Eugene) SE entrance
Time: 1pm-4pm

Masks encouraged! With a special masks required Share Fair 12-1pm,

** Want to help out? Donations, volunteers, and services needed! **