Find a local anarchist group

NAC is currently only in Oregon (the Eugene/Springfield area and Salem) but many people contact us looking to find an anarchist group in their area. Here’s what we suggest to find a local anarchist group:

Find other left leaning groups in your area and ask them if there is a local anarchist group. Usually other leftists will at least know what exists even if they have different ideologies. Some groups to look for:

  1. A Food Not Bombs chapter
  2. An Anarchist Black Cross chapter
  3. A Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapter
  4. A Symbiosis group
  5. A communist group
  6. Other left leaning groups

If you can’t find an already existing local group (or if you don’t like them), you can also start your own group! We’ve created a guide to starting a group and have complied some resources if you’d like to start a group like NAC.