Security Culture Secrecy Levels

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There are a lot of different types of actions happening now and they all have different security culture and secrecy needs. Some things are public, some things are spread only to trusted people, some things are invite only, etc. These guidelines are meant to be an easy quick-reference for actions and events. All actions are unique and may require specific security culture, but hopefully these levels can be a good place to start thinking about your action’s needs. 

These levels are only about secrecy in planning an action or event. This is not related to risk of arrest or the “spicyness” (potential roudyness) of an action. 

Sometimes there might be multiple groups with different secrecy levels at the same event (for example an orange or red black bloc at a green public march). 

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Secrecy Levels

Green – Public – This is a public event that we want as many people as possible to attend and know about. Share far and wide!
Examples: Major rallies, large marches, speeches, etc.

Yellow – Comrades-Only – This is an above-ground action or event that we only want comrades to know about. Share in private groups of trusted people, not publicly.
Examples: Night marches, sit ins, targeted public protests

Orange – Secret – This is an above-ground or low-intensity-underground action that is planned in secret. Only share with trusted individuals you are inviting to join (via voice or face if possible). No public or group sharing until after the action is over (and maybe not even then).
Examples: Targeted NVDA, lockdowns, graffiti, misdemeanors

Red – Top Secret – This is an underground action. Only the people involved in the action should know about it. Get permission from the group before talking about it to anyone. Only face-to-face communication without phones present. Never speak of it after it is done.
Examples: Banner drops, property destruction, felonies