Security Tool Recommendations

There are a lot of tools and things to learn about digital security. We recommend taking it slow and doing one new thing at a time. Start with whatever is the most interesting to you!

Here is a presentation on digital security with more information: Digital Security Workshop

Important Note: None of these tools are 100% secure, they are just more secure than other tools. Even if you go to extreme lengths, nothing on the internet is secure. Do not depend on these tools for safety. The best security is still good security culture and a walk in the woods without devices. 



  • Email Provider (instead of Gmail):
    • RiseUp (Requires an invitation)
    • MayFirst ($100 / year, but also includes hosting and file sharing)
  • Email Client: Thunderbird with Enigmail (Instead of Outlook, Apple Mail, or webmail)
  • Email encryption:
    • Windows
    •  Mac
    • Linux
      • Probably built in
    • Android
      • K-9 Mail and OpenKeychain
    • iOS
      • iPGMail ($2)
  • Encryption Webmail Plugin: Mailvelope
  • Encryption Setup Guides:

Collaborative Document Editing

Instead of Google Docs.


Instead of Internet Explorer or Chrome

File Sharing

If you want to share a single file with someone.

Text Messaging

Instead of regular text messages, iMessages, or Facebook Messenger.

  • Signal (Communicating on Signal requires sharing your phone number. Consider creating and using a secondary number for Signal if protecting your identity is important to you.)

Instant Messaging / Video / Screen Sharing

Instead of Skype.

File Storage and sharing

Instead of Dropbox.

Search Engine

Instead of Google or Bing


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to connect to the internet through a different server. This allows for increased privacy (it hides your IP address) and makes all data encrypted.

File Encryption

If you want to encrypt files or folders on your computer.


Instead of GoDaddy.

  • MayFirst ($100 / year, but also includes email and file sharing)


  • Tails – A secure thumbdrive you can boot to that only connects to the internet through the Tor network and deletes almost all your information between sessions. Great for very secure needs.

Social Media

Here are some resources for how to protect yourself on social networks like Facebook: