Start a Project with NAC!

If you are interested in starting a project with NAC we would love to discuss working with you! 

Projects are the heart of what we do. We see NAC as a foundation for people to build projects on. We prioritize projects that:

  1. Align with our mission and principles
  2. Serve and educate the community
  3. Give people a sense of their own power; and,
  4. Shift power from government and corporations to people and communities.

Non-NAC people and non-anarchists are welcome to be involved in NAC projects! 

NAC Infrastructure 

There is no need to reinvent the wheel for every project. We can provide a lot of infrastructure for new NAC projects. These are things all projects will probably need to figure out at some point. 

Organizational Infrastructure

See for more details about our full organizational structure

  • Decision making processes – We use the advice process, which is a flexible way for people to make decisions after seeking advice.
  • Principles – We have fairly broad principles that we use to guide our work.
  • Conflict Resolution Process – Conflict is unfortunately inevitable when people work together. We have systems for conflict resolution.
  • Security Culture – We strongly emphasize security culture, making all projects safer.
  • Other projects and teams – Other people working on other projects makes for easy collaboration. 


  • Collaborators – There are a large number of people involved in NAC in different ways and so a large potential for them to get involved in a new project.
  • Advice process – We regularly have time for people to get advice on projects (or anything) and it can be a great way to brainstorm, generate ideas, or discuss challenging situations.
  • Volunteers – People in NAC could volunteer, and we could ask previous volunteers on other projects (people not in NAC) if they would be interested in volunteering with your project.
  • Networking – We have relationships that have been built over time with many other groups and individuals in Eugene/Springfield.

Tech Infrastructure

  • NAC website – A place to publish information about your project, post articles, host forms, etc. Hosted by MayFirst.
  • The NAC Newsletter – We send out weekly newsletters to more than 800 people each week with information about events and projects.
  • Email and email lists – Email accounts or forwarding ( and email lists hosted by MayFirst.
  • Social media – We have fairly well established Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts that we can post things on.

Physical Resources

  • Supplies for tabling and protests – Tables, chairs, canopies, megaphone, walkie-talkies, etc
  • Printing – We can cheaply print zines, flyers, or other things.
  • Money – We could have some money available (though not much)
  • Zines – A wide array of informational zines in our zine library

Next steps

If you’re interested in working with us, please contact us at and/or come to our next public gathering!