Share Fair Report Back!

The Neighborhood Anarchist Collective (NAC) hosted its second Solidarity Share Fair of 2024 on May 19. Share Fair has been an ongoing NAC project for 6 years, with events as often as monthly and currently about every 3 months, as volunteer availability allows. This May was one of the largest and most successful Share Fairs to date. An estimated 400 participants enjoyed live music, hot food, haircuts, and more– all completely free of charge. Participants brought donations as well, so a rotating selection of clothes and other items were available. Longtime donor Run Hub Northwest provided shoes, and a grant allowed NAC to purchase dozens of tents. Hundreds of donated tarps were also available, along with portable stoves.

Other organizations joined NAC in providing services to the community. HIV Alliance provided HIV testing and harm reduction supplies; first aid materials were available onsite and to take, along with natural remedies provided by Herbalists Without Borders. In addition to burgers, hot dogs, and sides provided by NAC, 86 Hunger brought their own food truck, and Dark Pine donated coffee. A volunteer was available for mending and altering clothing, and Housing and Neighborhood Defense provided information on tenant rights.

While goods and services aimed at basic survival are prioritized, there are options to meet other needs as well. A masseuse set up a table under the shade trees, peacekeepers were available for deescalation as needed and a listening ear, and live music and lawn games kept the atmosphere festive.

Solidarity Share Fair embodies the principle of mutual aid. For anarchists, this means a form of meeting each other’s needs free from hierarchies or stipulations. Participants and organizers alike are able to give what they can and take what they need. At Share Fair, no one has to prove that they need resources or agree with NAC’s ideals in order to get access to them. Needing something alone is reason enough to receive it. If this is your vision for the world, or even for an afternoon, please sign up to volunteer or donate at

The next Share Fair is going to be August 18th at the Park Blocks!

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