Radical Reading Group

The NAC Radical Reading Group meets every week on Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm (Pacific).
We read a variety of articles, zines, poetry, really anything the group is interested in.
As a group we take turns reading sections of whatever we’re reading that particular week (though reading is not required for anybody who does not wish to!).
This means there is no prior reading necessary for any given week (homework, ew!).
We then spend the remaining hour plus discussing the ideas in the piece(s) and anything else that comes up.
We sometimes will read pieces on a particular subject or by a particular author for more than one week (based on excitement of the group) but nothing we read requires familiarity with any specific previous texts.
We meet via Zoom as there are people from across the so-called US (and sometimes outside it) who attend.
Don’t feel like you need to come every week or even on any regular schedule. It’s set up to be welcoming and work with people’s busy lives!
It’s a lot of fun and we’d love if you’d join us!

When: Wednesdays 6:30-9pm Pacific time
Where: meet.mayfirst.org/NACRadicalReadingGroup

Join the rad-reading email list to learn about the next text we’ll read and to receive reminders about the next session: