Share Fair

The Share Fair is Back!

The Share Fair is Back!

The Solidarity Share Fair is returning August 21st with a large in-person outdoor event as we did in the pre-pandemic days! 
The purpose of the Share Fair is to connect people with resources, services, and each other in a convenient and fun way. The fair will be providing free resources and services from local organizations and community groups to unhoused and working class members of the community. There will be food, live music, games, and a chance to know other Eugene organizations and folks in the community – and it’s all free!
When: Sunday, August 21st, 2022
Where: Monroe Park (10th and Monroe)
Time: 2-6pm (Setup 1-2pm, cleanup 6-7pm)
Our event aims to go beyond the experience of handing someone a sandwich when they are hungry, we create a space where people are welcomed to join in community. We provide music, haircuts, massage, bike repair, resume support, first aid, warm meals and empathy to folks who are often pushed away.  Additionally, we offer the opportunity to speak with representatives from health care, counseling, and housing services. Through building connections and empowering guests to get involved and volunteer, we are changing the dynamic of our neighborhoods. We choose to lead by example, making an effort to give to others in kind and respectful ways. We rescue food, clothing, shoes, toiletries, backpacks, sleeping bags/camping gear, and much more from various locations to then redistribute to people in need. With more and more of our neighbors being effected by the housing crisis and food insecurity, we need events such as the Share Fair now, more than ever.

Events such as the share fair are necessary because capitalism is failing people. Those who don’t conform to the dominant economic model are discarded by society and the government is unable to provide the sort of care we can provide for each other. One of the principles of anarchism is that members of a community see what needs to be done and take responsibility for doing it themselves. In that spirit, Share Fair is organized by the consensus model; no one leads or follows, instead, all work together toward a common goal. We hope to set the example to others, to show that it’s possible to take action without the government and to cooperate without hierarchy while still being effective (or being more effective).

Want to help out? Donations, volunteers, and services needed!

Share Fair on Pause

Hello everyone!

We wanted to give an update on the status of the Share Fair for the new year.

As the Covid pandemic began Share Fair was forced to adapt in form away from being the creation of a social space in which people could share goods; services; and, most importantly, presence to a more mobile but disconnected mutual aid project. Mobile distribution and, eventually, the pods functioned as a way of getting needed supplies to members of the community most effected by the threat of Covid and the city’s draconian policies but never really allowed for the communal spirit that Share Fair was originally intended to create. While the distribution of supplies is important and, fortunately, continues with many groups in the community the shift from community building to supply logistics was a strain on many organizers involved resulting in burn out for many involved.

Reflection on this burnout, what we needed as organizers, and where we felt able to invest time and energy led to the decision to put Share Fair on pause until we can get back to something more in line with its original form and intent. What does that mean? There won’t be any Share Fair meetings or distribution events for the near future. There has been excitement about a possible May Day event that would be more in line with the classic form of Share Fair as community building event and we’re going to look at that as a possible soft reboot on Share Fair. If the energy and spirit of May Day demonstrate the feasibility of bringing Share Fair back in its more original form, we’ll meet again to assess what that could look like and hopefully have joyous news for y’all on that front (world events allowing!). If people are interested in organizing for the May Day event itself you can contact NAC to get involved.

All of the love and gratitude to everyone who has been involved in making Share Fair happen, whatever the shape!

– Share Fair Team

Share Fair Video!

Check out this great video about the Share Fair that Michael Oliver Holt Productions made for us!


Learn more:


Mobile Solidarity Share Fair Tomorrow

The Solidarity Share Fair is going to be mobile again this month! We will be be distributing 200 care packages to key locations throughout the city as well as to individuals who express a need for help.

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance or supplies, please contact us at, and we’ll do our best to either meet your needs or connect you with someone who can help meet your needs! Also, please feel free to contact us with any clarification questions you may have, we understand that this is a confusing time for everyone, and are happy to answer what questions we can.

We’ll be out Tuesday April 28th, 3-5pm. Please send requests for assistance as early as possible so we have time to get to you.

Solidarity Share Fair Going Mobile Tomorrow *UPDATE*

*** Note that we’ve updated the plan for tomorrow’s Share Fair. Please read carefully. ***

The Solidarity Share Fair is going mobile folks! Rather than have designated Share Stations, which could potentially put all of our attendees at higher risk, the Solidarity Share Fair will be distributing 200 care packages to key locations throughout the city as well as to individuals who express a need for help.

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance or supplies, please contact us at, and we’ll do our best to either meet your needs or connect you with someone who can help meet your needs! Also, please feel free to contact us with any clarification questions you may have, we understand that this is a confusing time for everyone, and are happy to answer what questions we can.

Share Fair Stations

The Share Fair is still happening, just in a very different form!
On March 31st from 3-5pm we are planning to set up four Share Fair stations where we will distribute pre-made bags of fast grab-and-go resources. Locations:
  • Hand washing station near Eugene library
  • Pearl day spa
  • Hand washing station near Red barn
  • Springfield bus station
We will be taking extra precautions for the health of volunteers and people receiving resources.
Healthy volunteers needed! Obviously please do not volunteer if you are feeling ill or think you’ve been exposed to someone who has the virus.
*** Unlike a normal Share Fair, please do not just show up to volunteer. We need you to fill out the form so we know if we have capacity for four locations and so we don’t have too many people in one location. ***

COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted daily life, is creating real hardships for many, and is exposing the cruelty of many systems and structures.

We’re canceling/rescheduling many public events and probably moving most meetings online using or (a free, secure, and open source video conference tool recommended by the CLDC). We’ll announce those changes here when we finalize those plans.

We are working with a number of groups who are coming together to form a mutual aid network that is working on distributing resources to people who are houseless and people who are isolated, helping neighborhoods establish their own resource distribution systems, and are generally working on ways to best connect people with support. More info to come

Here are some radical/anarchist perspectives on COVID-19:

Other things to note:

  • We’re planning on still doing something for the Share Fair on March 31st but it will be different than usual. We’re still figuring that out.
  • Cahoots has urgent need for supplies (hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, disinfect wipes, etc)
  • The City has deployed hand washing stations around town
  • EWEB said they won’t suspend service for unpaid bills. And no late fees. Expanding payment support.
  • Laughing planet is giving out food for kids
  • Thinking Tree spirits giving out free hand sanitizer if you bring a container
  • Occupy Medical is gearing up to do house visits for isolated people
  • White Bird keeping crisis lines open

<3 stay well everyone

Share Fair One Year Anniversary

February’s Solidarity Share Fair was an incredible one-year milestone for the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective and for all the people who helped get it to where it is today. Since its inception in February 2018, it has grown into a monthly event that has brought the community together and evolved to fit the needs of those who attend. From the open-air Share Fairs in the park during the warm summer months to the special Share Fair on Christmas Day, volunteers and organizers have remained dedicated to keeping the doors every month, rain or shine.

However, the one-year anniversary of the Share Fair was special in a different kind of way: Eugene was hit by the biggest snowstorm it had seen in 50 years just the day before. Schools and most businesses were shut down, public transit wasn’t running, and the city of Eugene had declared a snow emergency. Many people couldn’t even leave their own driveway. Despite that, the Share Fair went on. Being one of the few places that would keep their doors open while the snow halted many services, it was essential for the event to continue.

A last minute change in venue meant that we were back at First Christian Church, the church where the Share First first began a year ago. Although smaller than the event’s other regular location, we were able to fit everyone in. And in ways more than one, it was a great location to be at: The end of the Share Fair transitioned into the Egan Warming Center, with doors remaining open for those seeking to escape the cold that night.

It was heartwarming to see the Share Fair brought back to its roots that day and continue to be the warm, safe place it was always intended to be. Even with the amount of snow outside, the amount of volunteers who still came out to show their support and lend a hand brought a sense of solidarity to this Solidarity Share Fair. It is during difficult times such as the snowstorm that bring people together in a community to help one another in mutual aid and create a sense of camaraderie that can often be lacking in our lives.

We would not have come this far without the help of the organizations, volunteers, and organizers that have put in their time and effort to create the event that Eugene needed. The Share Fair has blossomed under the dedication and care of the people who have made it what it is today. For that, we wholeheartedly thank you.