A Report Back on Resistance to the Olympic Trials in So-Called Eugene

This reportback was shared with us anonymously. NAC did not organize this action.

The Olympic track trials took place on Kalapuya Land in so-called Eugene from June 21st to June 30th. Over the course of the trials, resistance took the form of marches and attacks on symbols of imperialism and the Olympics throughout the town. Report backs were received on two autonomous actions that happened in the early hours of June 27th:


June 27, Nike Building on Kalapuya Land, so-called eugene, oregon

In the early-morning hours of June 27, a group took it upon themselves to respond to a call to action to disrupt business as usual in so-called eugene. As this city focuses on the spectacle of the olympic track trials, we must remember that there will be no business as usual until Palestine is free.

In mere minutes the atrocious, neon-orange, nike building got a makeover. Some windows were smashed, an inflatable entrance was slashed, and some red paint splattered on the walls. The group left a single tag reading “Free Gaza,” to make their intentions even more clear.

While nike likes to pretend it is “progressive,” the company very actively supports genocide. Nike regularly sends athletic equipment to the isr*eli defense forces, and regularly contributes to isr*eli zionist organizations. Nike has funded and collaborated with isr*eli athletes and sports associations based in isr*el. This action is the least that they deserve.

As always, let this serve as a reminder that we can always take things into our own hands.

With Love, Rage, and Solidarity,

Free Palestine.


Early morning on June 27th, local Olympics targets that are symbols of imperialism, colonialism, and capitalism were attacked during the Olympic Track and Field trials, which serve to legitimize US & “Israeli” global terror and genocide. A University of Oregon mural on Franklin boulevard near the trials was redecorated with a paint-filled fire extinguisher and multiple spray-painted stencils to condemn the University’s role in facilitating genocide abroad and forced displacement at home.

We will not tolerate complicity in genocide. Zionist and American fascism are laying waste to the Palestinian people who are refusing their disappearance with a bravery and steadfastness that we must uplift with our whole beings in action or else drown in the blood of our wavering inaction. The targets are everywhere. We have waited too long. We must take all necessary action against our genocidal state for liberation.

The horrors of genocide are not an isolated elsewhere but are ever-present in the concrete here and now. The Olympics, built on the blood, labor, and displacement of oppressed peoples everywhere, serve only to legitimize empire. In the tradition of Indigenous resistance to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, we say No Olympics on Stolen Land. In the tradition of the anti-fascist 1936 People’s Olympiad, we say No Olympics of Fascist Terror. In the tradition of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics that spawned GILEE, a direct tie between the fascist US police and the fascist IOF, we say fuck your Olympics and Stop Cop City.

Here in Eugene, the Olympic trials bring an inordinate amount of gentrification, policing, and the violent evictions and forcible displacement of houseless people from public space. These imperialist incursions into our community are rapidly changing the landscape of this city, bringing only profits drenched in the blood of genocide and the violence of the state upon our own oppressed. There are no separate worlds. Resistance until victory!

Free Casey Goonan!

Free Jack Mazurek!

Freedom to all fighting people!

Victory to the Palestinian Resistance!

Boarded up Nike shop windows



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