Action Report: ReMax Protest

This is an action report sent to NAC anonymously. NAC did not organize this action.

On Monday, February 26th, a small group of activists in Eugene, OR took to the streets and marched to the offices of ReMax.

ReMax is a real estate company that directly participates in and profits off of the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel and the United States.

ReMax is the biggest real estate company in occupied Palestine, selling homes that are built on the stolen land of Palestinian families, and is a mechanism of settlement and displacement.


ReMax is an enemy of the people, which is why community members gave them a visit to shut down their work for the day.

The Eugene Police Department (EPD) and ReMax must have felt threatened enough by even a mere call to action that they locked the doors of the office building, which seemed mostly empty anyways. On the one hand, activists didn’t get to go into the ReMax office and disrupt work.

On the other hand, they did close their office, and customers and delivery drivers had a hard time accessing the building. In front of the office building, activists listened to music, led chants and read poetry. The group then left to drop a “Fuck ReMax” banner over the highway.

As the group jubilantly marched back in the streets, they were followed b a disembodied voice from the police speakers, attempting to intimidate them with one final threat: “picking flowers is a crime.” Everyone was able to disperse safely with no arrests. Fuck the police.

EPD was on the scene the whole time, performing their duties of protecting private property and attempting to intimidate the group. EPD is an enemy of the people. They only exist to protect private property and the rich, like ReMax and its assets. The police are the occupying force in Eugene, surveilling our neighborhoods, harassing and arresting our homeless neighbors and brutalizing protestors and activists in the streets.

In the same breath that we condemn the Israeli Occupation Forces, we condemn EPD, for they both uphold imperialism, they both support the genocide of the Palestinian people, they both use rubber bullets and tear gas against the people, they both commit murder with impunity. We won’t be intimidated by them!


Activists hope that this action will inspire the people here in Eugene. It is possible to target those who perpetuate this genocide. They have addresses and office buildings, and they are not invincible. Eugene residents take inspiration from similar actions that have taken place across the west coast, such as the Block the Boat actions, Amazon warehouse blockades, and other disruptions of the machinations of capital.

Overall, the activists were testing what is possible in this town. Since 2020, local militancy has died down significantly, and the people are faced with having to re-learn how to take action together. We don’t have to listen to the pigs when they tell us not to trespass.

We don’t have to listen to the pigs when they tell us to disperse or stop blocking traffic.

We don’t have to listen to the pigs at all. We can take direct action in as many ways as we can imagine.

We must continue to take action together to stop the genocide of Palestinians by any means necessary!

There is so much more to be done, and we can only do it together! Solidarity with those who took the streets and defied the police!

The masses of the world stand with the Palestinian people and we will not stop until Palestine, and all oppressed nations and their people are free!

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!


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