Scholz Noise Demo

This reportback was shared with us anonymously. NAC did not organize this action.

Early in the morning on May 15th, a group of about 20 people crept from the shadows in a bourgeois neighborhood adjacent to the University of Oregon, in so-called Eugene. Their target was one particular mansion, the residence of the president of the U of O John Karl Scholz. On this night Scholz would not sleep! Just as Palestinian mothers don’t sleep knowing their children are not safe from the hell that rains down on them on any other “regular” night.
They came armed with buckets and drum sticks, water cooler jugs emblazoned with messages of resistance, whistles, and megaphones. As they approached, the racket started with a drum beat here and a whistle blow there, but soon the whole medley joined in, complete with chants led by megaphones. Some people stood on the steps leading up to the mansion, but others faced their fears and marched right up to the front door. A few people ran around the whole building several times and into the driveway where the president’s luxury vehicles were parked. The noise continued for almost 10 minutes, but the cowardly Scholz never turned on a light, let alone showed his face.
Just as abruptly as it started, the noise ceased. The arrival of two pigs signaled the moment it was time to scatter. Some asked whether they had done enough. That perhaps it was time to go back for round two. Why should the president be allowed to continue his slumber when so many innocent Palestinians continue to be slaughtered on a daily basis?
In the end, it was decided to fight another day. Rather than be angry, Scholz should consider himself lucky that his adversaries only arm themselves with noise makers, and not guns, bombs, and rockets as they do in Gaza.

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