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Support the Share Fair! Solidarity with unhoused / working class communities

As you probably know, the NAC Solidarity Share Fair works to provide free goods and services from local people, organizations and community groups to unhoused and working class members of the community. There is delicious food, live music, games, bike repair, and a chance to know other folks in the community – and it’s all free!
Now that it’s rainy and cold we want to build capacity to help with the life needs of some of the most vulnerable people in the community. Tarps, tents, sleeping bags, back packs, socks, coats, blankets, and so many more items are needed! 
Your donation will allow us to buy vitally needed warm clothes and supplies for people hit hardest by capitalism’s inequalities. We get everything used, discounted, and/or in bulk so a little goes a long way! 

We’re also always looking for physical donations, volunteers, and more services! If you or a group/business/organization/charity would like to help in that way please contact us at

NAC believes anarchism is a political theory and organizing practice which seeks to dismantle patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, and authoritarianism, and works toward ecological sustainability, self-determination, solidarity, and cooperation. The Share Fair is one example of mutual aid and creating the world we want to see.
The Next Share Fair:
Day: December 25th
Time: 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Where: First United Methodist Church (14th and Olive)
Thank you for all that you do! <3

HAY!!!  Come to our Market

There are many things one may want to do to celebrate International Workers’ Day this year. Perhaps, you could creatively resist local manifestations of multi-national corporations, join a black bloc, or just let spontaneity decide how you’ll impact the world around you. Who knows? The day awaits.  Whatever you do, hopefully you stay nourished, stay safe, and have some fun. We hope the same for all in the working class, especially on this day of solidarity.

This is why, your friendly Neighborhood Anarchist Collective (NAC) in Eugene, OR, along with Carry It Forward and the Communist Labor Party, is throwing it’s monthly, Solidarity Share Fair (A *Really* Free-Market) on May Day in lovely Downtown Eugene at 1166 Oak St.  There we shall have free space to stand and work in solidarity with all of the working poor and working homeless, and push an inclusive May Day, one that builds cohesion with all the slaves of capitalism, working, unemployed, and imprisoned.

Since we primarily serve people who are unhoused, the resources we distribute are related to living a life outside. There are never enough good clothes, tents, backpacks, and camping gear. We provide whatever skills and services people are able to share each month! Do you want to contribute your skills? We would love to have gear menders, medical services, general helpers, empathetic people who have emotional connection/support to offer, and/or whatever else you think would be helpful to share! Find more information and sign up to volunteer at:

As always, the monthly Solidarity Share Fair will provide food, music, and other services to alleviate the stresses and strains of capitalism for those most impacted. So, if you find yourself headed down to the market for some fresh veggies, looking for some solidarity after a hard day of work, wanting to help create the space in solidarity, or you have unused resources you know someone else could use, come join us May 1, 2018 from 2:00-6:00pm in Eugene, OR.  

A Successful March Share Fair!

A Successful March Share Fair!

With burritos on the grill, soft cello in the background, hanging string lights, and a warm atmosphere, the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective kicked off its second Share Fair in a successful attempt to make this a new monthly recurring event in Eugene. Along with an increase in helping hands from volunteers (25 in total!) and donations from the community, the event was able to provide a variety of resources and services for an estimated 160 attendees!

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the effort of our volunteers and the contributions from people and organizations around Eugene, including:

-Food Not Bombs
-Burrito Brigade
-100-mile bakery
-Bread Stop

-White Bird
-Planned Parenthood

-chair massages

Live Music:
-Ben Hamilton – cellist

The fair was was also able to provide resources that were donated for this event, such as clothes and shoes, tarps, backpacks, camping gear, hygiene products, and a variety of other goods. Thank you to First Christian Church* for allowing us to use their space and thank you to all the folks who made this event possible, and continue to dedicate their time and energy to make this a regular and accessible source of services and resources in Eugene. 

Besides helping to make some of these basic necessities more accessible, we also hope to create a safe space for all members of the community, especially those who are generally overlooked, to feel comfortable, warm, and safe with food in their bellies and a chance to get to know each other as neighbors. As we continue to plan for future Share Fairs, we will work to continue cultivating a society where neighbors help each other meet basic needs and all members of the community are valued.

If you were able to attend this last Share Fair and would like to share your experience or give us some feedback, please feel free to fill out our survey here. All feedback is welcome!

For our next Share Fair, we will be collaborating with different groups around the Eugene/Springfield area to create a special event on May 1st for May Day, or International Worker’s Day! We will updating folks with more details about this event soon on our website and Facebook page, so stay tuned!

If you are interested in partnering with the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective for this or future Share Fairs and would like to make a contribution or volunteer, please email is at to get connected. All help and donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!
*First Christian Church neither endorses nor sponsors the activities of this group.

Pictured: Some of the donations made to the fair, including clothes and camping gear!

Pictured: Awesome volunteers working with Food Not Bombs to prepare tasty food and Burrito Brigade’s delicious vegan burritos!

Pictured: Child care and beautiful cello music by Ben Hamilton was also provided!

First Successful Share Fair!

This past Tuesday (Feb 27th, 2018), the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective hosted its first Share Fair at the First Christian Church and with the help of all those who contributed, the event was a success! With an estimate of about 150 attendees, the fair was able to provide a variety of goods and services, from clothes, food, and hygiene products to letter-writing, access to health services, and live entertainment – free for all who came!

We would like to give a very enthusiastic thank you to all the local organizations, businesses, and individual folks who offered their time, effort, and anything they had to give to make this event possible:

  • Food:
    • Food Not Bombs
    • Burrito Brigade
  • Services:
    • Planned Parenthood
    • Womenspace
  • Donations:
    • 100 mile bakery
    • Bread Stop
    • Ophelia’s Place
  • Live entertainment:
    • Ben Hamilton – Cellist

Thank you to First Christian Church for letting us use their space and a warm thank you to the volunteers who helped out with the fair along with individual donations we received from the community!

With the success of this event, members of NAC are working towards making this a reoccurring event in the hopes of providing continuous basic and necessary goods and services and to cultivate different forms of mutual aid within the community. We will continue to plan for future Share Fair events and keep folks updated with relevant news!

If you attended this last Share Fair and didn’t get the opportunity to fill out the survey about your experience there, please click here to fill out the survey. We welcome all feedback and look forward to your input!

If you would like to contribute or partner with NAC for the next or future Share Fair events, please reach out to us at All help and donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Share Fair: A Really Free Market!

Share Fair: A Really Free Market!

The Neighborhood Anarchist Collective will be hosting its first Share Fair on Tuesday, February 27th at First Christian Church*! This free market is a project organized by members of NAC in the hopes of cultivating ways for neighbors to help each other meet basic needs.

The fair will be providing free goods and services from local businesses, organizations, and charities to unhoused and vulnerable members of the community. There will also be food, live music, games, a movie, and a chance to know other folks in the community – and it’s all free!

We are also still accepting donations! If you or your group/business/organization/charity would like to provide goods or services at this event, please contact to get connected. A list of some of the resources we are looking for includes, but are not limited to: underwear, socks, shoes, blankets/sleeping bags, backpacks, water bottles, flashlights, hygiene, tarps, emergency blankets, soap, tampons, pads, and such. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Event details
When: Tuesday, February 27th  1-5pm
Where: First Christian Church (1166 Oak St.)

Confirmed organizations for the event (so far):

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Womenspace
  • Eugene Gleaners
  • Goodwill Job Connectors
  • Burrito Brigade
  • Food Not Bombs

Organizations that have made donations:

  • Ophelia’s Place
  • The Bread Stop Bakery
  • 100-mile-bakery

There will also be information and pamphlets available for other resources, organizations, and charities around Eugene!


*First Christian Church neither endorses nor sponsors the activities of this group.

Eugene Resource Guide

The Little Guide to Free Resources in Eugene

A printable and summarized guide to the resources we think most useful for providing immediate needs, such as food, shelter, both medical and mental health care, etc. Please download and share this in the Eugene/Springfield area. Whether or not one has a direct need for the resources, we can all benefit from having and sharing these resources widely.

Download the Little Guide PDF (Feb 2024)


Full list of Resources in Eugene

White Bird has put together an online list of resources in Eugene. Instead of duplicating their work, we’re just going to link to theirs:

White Bird Online Resource List