HAY!!!  Come to our Market

There are many things one may want to do to celebrate International Workers’ Day this year. Perhaps, you could creatively resist local manifestations of multi-national corporations, join a black bloc, or just let spontaneity decide how you’ll impact the world around you. Who knows? The day awaits.  Whatever you do, hopefully you stay nourished, stay safe, and have some fun. We hope the same for all in the working class, especially on this day of solidarity.

This is why, your friendly Neighborhood Anarchist Collective (NAC) in Eugene, OR, along with Carry It Forward and the Communist Labor Party, is throwing it’s monthly, Solidarity Share Fair (A *Really* Free-Market) on May Day in lovely Downtown Eugene at 1166 Oak St.  There we shall have free space to stand and work in solidarity with all of the working poor and working homeless, and push an inclusive May Day, one that builds cohesion with all the slaves of capitalism, working, unemployed, and imprisoned.

Since we primarily serve people who are unhoused, the resources we distribute are related to living a life outside. There are never enough good clothes, tents, backpacks, and camping gear. We provide whatever skills and services people are able to share each month! Do you want to contribute your skills? We would love to have gear menders, medical services, general helpers, empathetic people who have emotional connection/support to offer, and/or whatever else you think would be helpful to share! Find more information and sign up to volunteer at: https://neighborhoodanarchists.org/sharefair/.

As always, the monthly Solidarity Share Fair will provide food, music, and other services to alleviate the stresses and strains of capitalism for those most impacted. So, if you find yourself headed down to the market for some fresh veggies, looking for some solidarity after a hard day of work, wanting to help create the space in solidarity, or you have unused resources you know someone else could use, come join us May 1, 2018 from 2:00-6:00pm in Eugene, OR.  

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