COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted daily life, is creating real hardships for many, and is exposing the cruelty of many systems and structures.

We’re canceling/rescheduling many public events and probably moving most meetings online using or (a free, secure, and open source video conference tool recommended by the CLDC). We’ll announce those changes here when we finalize those plans.

We are working with a number of groups who are coming together to form a mutual aid network that is working on distributing resources to people who are houseless and people who are isolated, helping neighborhoods establish their own resource distribution systems, and are generally working on ways to best connect people with support. More info to come

Here are some radical/anarchist perspectives on COVID-19:

Other things to note:

  • We’re planning on still doing something for the Share Fair on March 31st but it will be different than usual. We’re still figuring that out.
  • Cahoots has urgent need for supplies (hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, disinfect wipes, etc)
  • The City has deployed hand washing stations around town
  • EWEB said they won’t suspend service for unpaid bills. And no late fees. Expanding payment support.
  • Laughing planet is giving out food for kids
  • Thinking Tree spirits giving out free hand sanitizer if you bring a container
  • Occupy Medical is gearing up to do house visits for isolated people
  • White Bird keeping crisis lines open

<3 stay well everyone

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