Misc action reports of police repression

These anonymous action reports were submitted to NAC from multiple people for publication. NAC did not organize these protests, we are just sharing people’s experiences.
This post will be updated with shorter reports as people submit them. 

Submitted 6/4/20

The police chased protesters down Alder St into residential areas before cornering them and setting off tear gas and rubber bullets, we had to run around closing all the windows so the tear gas wouldn’t get into our home. Our neighbors got hit more directly in the cross fire and had one of their windows and their door broken by police bullets. The police then stationed themselves across the street and watched our block for several hours after.

Sunday May 31st

Myself and 4 other friends were out there as Medics and were fired upon and tear gas with our hands up while we were walking away from them. We collected one of the gas canisters after the top 10 left and on the bottom and had an expiration date of 03/07. Frontier gas expires the chemical components within the tear gas create cyanide. I heard from the officers to talk to them about it and his response was well I didn’t throw it. the situation at 13th and Olive the people didn’t go into the street until the police have already impeded traffic. The people went onto the sidewalk at the request of the police and sad and protested peacefully. The police fired pepper bullet add an older lady standing in the street video recording them. the police were the ones that incited violence last night not the protesters.

When we posted about the expired gas cans, the cops swarmed us demanding to see it, stating they had to make sure that it was no longer active and that we needed to give it to them. We refused. We also had several proud boys roll up on us while we were stationed at Broadway and high. I tried to approach the cops about it and they said I wasn’t allowed to approach them with bottles of fluid in my backpack. They left and came back and pulled up behind the proud boy who was threatening to kill us. They didn’t do anything. They just let them go.

Video: Police shooting rubber bullets at people in their yards

Here is good footage from the protests last night (taken by an RG reporter). 17 people arrested Sunday night as of last count.


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