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Solidarity Share Fair: A Really Free Market

March 31 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

***** Note: This information is different than normal for the COVID-19 Crisis. Please read carefully. *****

What are we doing for the Share Fair?

March 31st 3-5pm

We are setting up four Share Fair stations where we will distribute pre-made bags of fast grab-and-go resources. Locations:

  • Hand washing station near Eugene library
  • Pearl day spa
  • Hand washing station near Red barn
  • Springfield bus station

We will be taking extra precautions for the health of volunteers and people receiving resources.

Donation Wish List

We could use the following items:

  • Bags
  • Sandwich bags
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Gloves
  • Anti viral masks
  • Liquid vitimin  d
  • EmergencyC packets
  • Vitimin C
  • To go cups with lids
  • Individually wrapped plastic ware
  • Granola bars / Protein bars
  • Other easy grab-and-go foods

Please contact sharefair@neighborhoodanarchists.org to coordinate donations


We need volunteers to run the stations and distribute resources.

*** Obviously please do not volunteer if you are feeling ill or think you’ve been exposed to someone who has the virus. ***

Sign Up To Volunteer!

*** Please fill out the form! We actually need to know this time. We need to know if we have enough volunteers to run each station and we need to limit the number of people at each station. So please fill out the form. Do not just show up to volunteer the day of the Share Fair. ***

Hand washing station near Eugene libraryPearl day spaHand washing station near Red barnSpringfield bus station

Notes for volunteering

  • Ask for help – If you don’t know something or need any assistance ask another volunteer, a section coordinator, someone with a radio, or at the welcome table for help.
  • Escalation – If tensions are rising ask someone with a radio to call for a peacekeeper. Err on the side of calling for a peacekeeper early even if it’s not necessary yet.
  • Take breaks! – We want this to be a fun event for everyone. Take breaks as needed. 
  • Be collaborative – The other volunteers are here to help!

How to deal with tough interactions

The vast majority of interactions are great and people are very appreciative & thankful. However the people attending the event have very stressful lives just trying to survive and taking care of their basic needs and sometimes there might be people who are stressed/upset and we want to make sure we create a safe place and everyone is respected.

Below are some tips to have better conversations when dealing with a tough interaction. Please only do what is comfortable for you and seek support when you need it.

  • Use a buddy system
  • Get support from other volunteers if you don’t feel comfortable
  • Breathe
  • Stay Calm: It will be easier for the other person to calm down if you remain calm
  • Don’t argue with people.
  • Don’t take things personally. You don’t need to correct the record or set them straight.
  • Assume the best of people
  • Recognize that people might be having a rough day and are often harassed. We want to create a safe welcoming place for them.
  • Listen actively: let them know you understand their point of view and reflect it back so they know you heard them.
  • Don’t shush them or tell them to calm down.
  • Click here to learn more about de-escalation

Thank you!

We really appreciate you volunteering time for this important event. The Share Fair couldn’t happen without you.

We want to know how to make volunteering as easy, productive, and enjoyable as possible. After you volunteer please send us some feedback!

There are volunteer opportunities in between the share fair days too (seeking donations, coordinating services, making art, etc)! Let us know if you’re interested in helping out! Email us at sharefair@neighborhoodanarchists.org


March 31
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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