Digital Meeting Norms

Now that we will be meeting digitally for a while, the Facilitation Team has come up with these digital meeting norms to make it as pleasant and useful as possible! We’ll go over these at the beginning of digital meetings. We’ll adjust them as we come up with new norms. Feedback welcome!

  1. We’ll use Jitsi (
  2. Show up 5 minutes early to make sure tech is working
  3. Pay 100% attention to the meeting. Don’t do other things.
  4. Jitsi “Tile view” (lower right squares button) is recommended so you can see everyone
  5. Use headphones if you can
  6. Use video if you can
  7. Mute if there is background noise. Someone may mute you if there’s background noise (you can unmute yourself when you want to talk).
  8. Use regular hand signals on video (or use raise hand button)
  9. Collaborative notes
    1. Take notes in the agenda doc (below the agenda) so everyone can follow along
    2. Still have a notetaker but others can add things
  10. Hang out after for miscellaneous smaller chats (like happen after an in person meeting)
  11. Facilitator really has to be on it (especially if there are people who have phoned in)
    1. Send out meeting url and phone number in advance (can get phone number by going into room and clicking info button)
    2. Review the digital meeting norms at beginning the of the meeting
    3. Be vocal about who’s on stack
    4. Ask if phone people want to be added to stack
    5. Read relevant things that are put in chat
    6. Verbalize hand signals
    7. Pay attention if someone is talked over and invite them back on the stack
  12. Security
    1. Have all people on the call introduce themselves. If someone joins late have them introduce themselves immediately (in a friendly way) so we can tell if someone is disruptive faster.
    2. If someone is purposefully disrupting the meeting (“Zoom Bombing”): Add a password to the meeting ASAP so more can’t join and kick them from the meeting.
    3. To add a password in Jitsi: Click the circle “I” icon in the bottom left and click “Add Password”. Set the password to be anything. (On mobile click the dots -> “more options”-> “add password”)
    4. To kick people: Hover over the dots in the upper right of their photo and click “Kick out”.