NAC Strategy Conference 2019

We’re often very focused (and rightly so) on the next gathering, the next share fair, the next workshop, etc but we may lose sight of the long term or the bigger picture. This Strategy Conference will be an opportunity to take some time to reflect and plan: We’ll review the first two years of NAC, look at the state of the movement, discuss anarchist theory, evaluate our internal structures, and plan for the future. It’ll be a very fun and generative time!

Day 1: Sunday, August 25th 10am-6pm
Day 2: Sunday, September 8th 10am-6pm
Where: Charles’s house
View the agenda here

If you can make it to either day please do! We’ll send out notes, ask for advice, and discuss it at the NAC internal gathering that will be on the Sunday in between the two Strategy Conference days so those who can’t make it can still participate.

Please RSVP!

You’re still welcome to come if you don’t rsvp. But if you do know in advance this will help us plan.


Sunday, August 25th 10am-6pmSunday, September 8th 10am-6pm

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